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Streams of ecology, quantum science and spirituality

At the focus of the research in Eternal Ecology is the inquiry into potential immortality of the human beings.

It is known that life on our planet is doomed to be destroyed because of the inevitable exhaustion of the solar energy.

With our ecologically irresponsible behavior we accelerate the process of life destruction on the planet.

What the research in Eternal Ecology has proved is that it is the individual alone who is capable of opening and strengthening the awareness of his or her immortality and thus can make it happen.

Human society as a whole is deprived of this capacity. And yet, the presence of society is of vital importance for the individual growth in consciousness and spirit; it is the society where the individual learns the most important lesson on the Way to Immortality:  how to love, care for and help the others.

Wholesome Life Ecology
This book is a guide to live wholesomely, in a healthy and fulfilling way, under the critical conditions of our epoch - an epoch when nature has reached the Point of No Return and the only way to restore its delicate balance and harmony is by freeing itself from the self-destructive actions of the main perpetrator of today's ecological crime - our society and civilization. It illuminates practical insights of vital importance for those who are determined to grow in wisdom and spirit.

Ecology of Immortality
Ecology of immortality focuses its study in the power of the potentiality we have within us, in the ways of its realization for our growth in self-awareness and consciousness. It is ecology of a life that unfolds in potentiality, a life that is endowed with endless possibilities for self-realization Ð a life that never ends. The research findings of the authors are linked with the Many-Worlds Interpretation supported by the leading quantum physicists of our time. The book is a practical guide how to amplify the power of our potentiality so that it could trigger a unique process of transformation of our consciousness at the moment of death, a process that opens infinite space for its further evolution and growth. For researchers in the fields of human dynamics and quantum systems, social ecology, educational practice and psychology, as well as for everyone who wants to know more about the art of living in a healthy and fulfilling way, this book is a catalyst for exciting new insights.

  A New Kind of Social Science: Study of Self-organization of Human Dynamics
This book introduces a new kind of social inquiry centered in exploration of the self-organizing nature of human dynamics. By studying the ways self-organization manifests: its origin and characteristics, its stimulators and impediments, catalysts and inhibitors, factors which support, sustain, impede, or block its inward and outward realizations, the author reveals new challenging insights which remain hidden if one continues to study society as an object of research separated from the unique and fathomless richness of the whirling complexity of individual dynamics. The author links the study of social complexity with his original research into uncertainty inherent in human knowing and learning. This makes the book equally attractive and valuable as a comprehensive theoretical and practical guide into the exciting dimensions of a new kind of social science for researchers and students in the field of social complexity, management, psychology and philosophy.

  Introduction to Fuzziology: Study of Fuzziness of Knowing Fuzziology studies the sources, nature and dynamics of fuzziness (uncertainty) embedded in our understanding of ourselves and the world we live in. It aims at revealing the secrets of how to deal with uncertainty - not fighting with it in attempt to reduce or eliminate it, but learning to collaborate with it and use its dynamics as catalysts for our growth in wisdom. This is of vital importance in today's epoch of rapidly escalating complexity and uncertainty along every dimension of life.

The book describes a rich spectrum of theoretical and practical insights born out of the author's research in the field of human-oriented applications of fuzzy logic and complexity - a research to which he has devoted many years of his academic life.


Decentralized Decarbonized Cogeneration Desalination & Power

We are riding a new wave of industrial revolution into the RENEWABLE ENERGY AGE. Renewable Energies bring only advantages and no burden to the world.
The ECO SUSTAINABLE PLANET and ECO SUSTAINABLE TECHNOLOGY sections often overlap - as crops become fuel and microorganisms make electricity - the line is blurred and indeed that is the desired 'interconnectedness' effect.
All these exciting new green technologies could become marketable at any time. To clarify exactly what is available now, you'll find WAPSEC is in the business of WATER & POWER SECURITY. WAPSEC supplies 'wholistec' solutions with leading-edge technology from Germany and Australia.
ECO SUSTAINABLE TECHNOLOGY Ecology and Technology working together in synergy. SUSTAINABLE is 24 x 7. ECO SUSTAINABLE is when there's no waste. The waste product of one process is fuel for the next.
THE AGE of ECOLOGICAL SUSTAINABILITY - inspiration leads to innovation, and solutions provide engineers and architects methodologies to green the world. Man learns to live with the planet.